With the anticipated huge rises imposed by the energy companies affecting all households, here are just a few pointers to help reduce your bills. Some are obvious, others less so.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Many Heating and Hot Water Thermostats are now available, letting users take control of their heating anytime, anywhere. We would recommend The Hive or Google Nest, but we are happy to quote if you have a preference for any other Brand.

Controlling your heating and hot water became much easier using a smartphone, tablet or laptop connected to the internet.

You can use these with your existing heating system, and this will help to reduce your bills by controlling the heat from wherever you want, when you want, no longer need to heat an empty home in anticipation of your arrival home again. The average saving on energy bills is estimated at a minimum of £125 per year.

Get a new thermostat supplied and installed for as little as £245

Upgrade your Gas Boiler

You can save a lot of money on energy bills by upgrading your Boiler. If your Boiler is around 10 to 15 years old, it will start to become much less efficient, so when it gets to this age, it’s probably a good idea to seriously start considering replacing your old boiler with a new, more energy-efficient model. Upgrading to a new modern combi boiler is likely to save you between 20-35% on your gas bills.

If you have a boiler over 15 years old, it’s likely to be G rated (running at under 70% efficiency). Modern Boilers are now A-Rated and run as high as 94% efficiency, much higher than their predecessors.

Based on fuel prices in March 2022, a detached house upgrading from a G-rated boiler with bills around £1500 per annum could save between £300 and £525 per year.

Please Email any Enquiries related to the above to installs@ecogem.co.uk or ring us on 08007 999 724

Annual Boiler Servicing

Boilers become less and less efficient the older they get, particularly if they aren’t well maintained or serviced regularly with an annual check-up, so book your service with us now.

Turn down your thermostat just a degree or two, take shorter showers and layer upon clothing.

  • Nearly half of all energy bills are estimated to be made up of heating and hot water costs.
  • Turning your heating down by just one degree could save up to £100 per year.
  • Shorter showers will lessen your hot water usage and lower your gas bills.
  • Put an extra layer on if you feel a bit cold rather than putting the heating on.